Fab Find: Pocket

 How many times have you come across something you wanted to read, but didn't have time at that moment to do so?  So you made a bookmark, and then lost track of it.  That won't be an issue with
Pocket is free resource that allows you to save anything you find on the internet and read it later. It can saved on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Create a free account on http://getpocket.com/ or download the free app ( iTunes / Android / Chrome ). Anything saved via the website (with either a Google Chrome or Firefox extension), by emailing to add@getpocket.com, or the Pocket app can be viewed on any additional device that you sign into with your free account.  Once saved, internet articles can be accessed offline.

Whatever you saved you can archive, mark it as a favorite,  

or even share the page with a colleague.  They will not need an account, it simply shares the web link.

Helpful Resources:

Frequent Pocket Questions 
Classroom Integration Ideas:
  •  Find online articles to share with students via email (secondary campuses) or use to bookmark sites that can be shown in class at a later date.
  • Save videos from YouTube to be used in classroom
  • Create a professional online journal collection