Fab Find : croak.it

Croak.it allows you to record 30 second audio clips in three easy steps: push, speak, and share. A unique url is automatically created for your recording, making it easy to share with others - just paste the link into an email, webpage, or QR code creator (try www.qr.stuff.com).

You can take advantage of this simple, FREE application by going to https://croak.it/ or downloading the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Since croak.it can be utilized on a computer or mobile device, it is a great application for a classroom utilizing "Bring Your Own Technology."

Classroom Integration Ideas:

  • Combine croak.it and thinglink: add croak.it recording links to thinglink images that students explore (not sure what thinglink is? Read about it here.)
  • Sharpen your students' listening skills: Create QR codes from the croak.it recording links for a QR Code scavenger hunt. Students will have to listen to the instructions to complete the tasks. 
  • Assess students' reading abilities by having them record themselves reading aloud in the croak.it app. Students can then share the recording link with the teacher. Save the recording and then let students listen to it at the end of the year to hear how much they've improved! 
  • Have students record themselves explaining how to do a math problem and then share with the teacher for a quick assessment or with other students for peer tutoring. 
  • Students could record audio book reviews, use the link to create a QR code, and then attach the QR code to the book jacket for other students to scan and listen to when looking for books to read.