Fab Find - Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle is free resource that allows you the ability to customize videos by inserting your voice and questions.  Videos can either be self created or from YouTube,  Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, National Geographic, TED, Veritasium, and Numberphile as well.  Once a video is loaded, you can create a series of questions to go along with your chosen video. Questions are inserted in markers you create that matches the video.  The video then automatically stops at those markers and the question appears.  The image below shows an example of question markers placed with the chosen video..

 Markers aren't limited to review questions, with documentary-type videos, EDpuzzle can also be used to embed writing prompts.  Create prompts throughout the video so that students can pause and write out their reflections and thoughts.
Teachers can then see if students have watched the video and answered the questions.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • use EdPuzzle as short reviews
  • use for Flipped lessons
  • use with entire class but have as a resource for students that may have been absent the day of the original presentation
  • students could use the voice comments option in EdPuzzle to present information on videos from YouTube or other resources