What's Up Wednesday

Teach Like a Jedi… There is still good in him. I’ve Felt it!

” There is still good in him. I’ve felt it”
Luke Skywalker
                  In the film “Return of the Jedi” Luke Skywalker was set on confronting his father. Luke’s dad, (SPOILER ALERT) Darth Vader, wanted to kill Luke’s friends and turn him to the Dark Side. Luke still wanted to see the good in his dad. He didn’t want to give up on him no matter what his dad had done to him and his friends. Teachers need to model Luke’s resolve even with those kids that make you want to turn to the DARK SIDE!
Educators have to change how they perceive and see that student no matter how many times they forget their homework. No matter how many times they push someone in line. No matter how many times they call on you…
No matter how many pencil tips they break or folders they lose…we still see the good in them.
Perception will become your reality. What you continually think will be what you see and get. If you think that student is bad…he will be bad. Hopefully they won’t cut off your hand, and freeze your friend in carbonite like Darth Vader did.  We don’t want our kids to turn into Vader but WE can think like Luke and always look for the good. There is good in all of your students. Seek it out. Think it. Recognize it.
May the force be with you,
Toby- Wan Kenobi