Fab Find Friday - Free iOs Apps

The following educational iOS apps are free today. Apps that are newly free today are listed in italics at the beginning of each category. Apps of exceptional value or use are bolded. Download the apps as soon as possible as they can go to paid status at any time.

Moviestorm: Get Animated in 3D ($9.99)

Excel HSC Business Studies Quick Study ($3.99)

Learn Irregular Verbs ($0.99)
Pocket Charts! Rhyming Words ($0.99)
Book Finder Pro - Search and Download Free eBooks ($0.99)
Early Literacy ($1.99)
Fry Words Pro (new app)
Handwriting Wizard (unlock all content IAP for free)
Reading Ninja - The Learn to Read Slicing Game (new app)
Words with Me ($0.99)

English Intermediate Level ($1.99)
Learn English with Noyo ($3.99)
Bilingual Beginners Book ($3.99)

Foreign Language
Audio French Vocabulary ($3.99)
French Words 4 Beginners 1 ($5.99)
German Words 4 Beginners 1 ($5.99)
Spanish Words for Beginners 1 ($5.99)
Super Language Learning Player ($0.99)

Career Films from Elevated Math ($4.99)
Teacher and Student Print Materials for Algebra, Data Analysis ($4.99)
Teacher and Student Print Materials for Number Sense, Geometry, Measurement ($4.99)
Vault Assault Expert ($0.99)
Base 10 Blocks K-1 (new app)
The Electric Company Prankster Planet (new app)
Excel HSC Mathematics General 2 Quick Study ($3.99)
Klockrent ($0.99)
MathSeeds Grade 1 ($7.99)
MathSeeds Grade 2 ($7.99)
MathSeeds Kindergarten ($7.99)
NumberShapes Whiteboard ($0.99)

Fun Music Piano Learning ($0.99)
Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood (great app; $9.99)

Over - Creative Typography, Graphic Design & Photo Editing ($3.99)
Photo Editor Shop - Pic Collage Maker, Add Text to Photo, Picture Editor (great new app)

Ecology HD ($1.99)

Fantastic Dinosaurs ($1.99)

Bill Nye the Science Guy (new app)

Dr. Oliver's Lab (new app)

Excel HSC Biology Quick Study ($3.99)

Thomas Edison's Secret Lab (great app; $0.99)

Social Studies
Tour Eiffel, Official Visitor Guide HD ($2.99)

True Heroes, 1781 ($2.99)

Where? - Atlas Game ($1.99)

Who Was? Adventure ($0.99)

Special Needs
Autism-Friendly English Flashcards by Noyo ($4.99)

Autism Emotion ($0.99)

Emotions: Flashcards to Learn to Recognize Feelings and Emotions (new app)

Classroom PDF ($4.99)

Five Monkeys 123: Kids Learn to Write Numbers (new app)

Five Monkeys ABC: Kids Learn to Spell and Write Alphabet (new app)

Five Monkeys Shapes: Kids Learn and Draw Shapes (new app)

Poppy Cat Goes to the Market ($2.99)

ABC Games (unlock all content IAP for free)

ABC Picture Book ($3.99)

Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 ($0.99)

Dub Rhyme (new app)

Fairy Quest ($0.99)

Farmer Ron ($1.99)

Moppa Ice Cream ($1.99)

Papermaking with Kiki ($0.99)

Trucks and Shadows ($2.99)

Whole Brain Alphabet Puzzle App - A E ($0.99)

Driver's Ed Videos - Volume 2 ($2.99)

Egg Weather ($0.99)

New Leaf - A New Start (new app)