Web Tool Wednesday: Google Cast for Education Just Got Easier

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A while back we talked to you about Google Cast, but have you noticed something extra added to your three dots, in the top right hand of the screen, on your chrome browser?
Google has added the "cast" option now under the three dots.

Now, the teacher just has to open the Google Cast app on their laptop, and then the students can start casting to the teacher's screen (students click the three dots and click cast). No need for students to have the extension.

Teacher Instructions:
1. Click on apps.
2. Click on Google Cast for Education (or get it, if you don't have it- Google Cast for Education App).

3. This screen will appear and students can now cast to the teacher's screen.

Student Instructions:
1. Click on the three dots in the top right side of the screen and click on the cast option.

2. Click on the teacher that you want to cast to.

Teacher Instructions:
1. Click Accept or Deny for students to cast to your computer. You may stop it at any time.

*Reminder- the student's Chromebook needs to be updated to at least the 52 version.

Why Google Cast in Your Classroom?
*Vote on student created projects.
*Showcase a student's work.
*Let students see other student examples.

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