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Teaching Tip Thursday - Conga Line and Roving Paragraphs

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     This week several Brenham ISD teachers, specialists, and principals were able to take part in a well presented Sheltered Instruction training.  There were a lot of great techniques presented, but two that could be adapted for almost any subject were Conga Line and Roving Paragraphs.  

     The conga line has students form two lines that face each other.  Student's in each line can share ideas, review concepts, or ask one another questions.  Then after a time you determine, one line moves in one direction while the other stays stationary, or both lines can move in opposite directions.  In either case, it ensures there will be new partners each time.  I've seen this used not only for students but staff developments and it's a great way to keep people moving and get fresh input. 

     Roving paragraphs gives the students a question and has them answer it in a sentence form.  Then students find someone to share their answer and in return write down the other person's.  Students can move around at least two more times, again sharing not only their original answer, but each new one they gain, then add to it with their new partner. In the end, each student should have at least four different answers to the same question they were given.  
Again, this could be adapted for any subject.  

     These were only a few of the activities shared during our training.  For more ideas, seek out your content specialists, instructional specialists, or instructional technology specialists. 

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