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WeLead Wednesday - What's Up in BJH Pre-Algebra Classes

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     This year, a new program has started in Brenham ISD called #WeLead.  Each of the instructional technology specialist works closely with a select group of teachers that were chosen from an application process last spring with the purpose of developing leaders within our district through intensive, collaborative opportunities with district specialists. Planning closely with our partner teachers, we have identified student areas of concern and developed a plan to show student growth through out the semester with each of those teachers' classes. 
     At Brenham Junior High, Suzette Evans is one of our Fall Semester #WeLead teachers. One of our goals was for her students to be able to successfully dissect / understand word problems by the end of the semester at a mastery level.
We first started with her class recording their work and saving it in Google Keep so they can track their progress throughout the process.

Students then recorded how they solved their equations using Flipgrid. Students first worked through their steps on paper, then recorded each step they took and shared their final video with the rest of the class. In less than one minute, the teacher can then see if that student has understood the concept or not, and if so, where they went wrong.

    Not every lesson has to include technology.  Another way students in Pre-Algebra worked to understand multi step equations was the math version of speed dating.  

     With desks arranged in a circular pattern, each student chose a random one step equation.  They then had to combine that with their "speed date" partner's equation to solve.  Every two minutes, the outside row of students would rotate, so once again there were new partners and new equations to solve.  That work was then captured via the camera on their Chromebooks and saved in Google Keep as well. 
     Next week our #WeLead teachers will help present the district wide Geek Week sessions along side each of their respective instructional technology specialist.  So far our first semester of  the #WeLead program has been a great success. 

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