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TCEA Thursday - Badges in the Classroom

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What motivates you to succeed?  For some it's an internal drive that can't be taught or denied.  For others, it's the possibility of rewards.  If this was a psychology blog, I'm sure we could list many other reasons like fear of failure or need for reassurance of doing a good job. Here we will focus on reward system of badges.  

A poster session at TCEA reminded me of what a great system this can be to use in your classroom.

Think about badges for a second. Girl and Boy Scouts work to obtain badges.  Your students earn them when completing missions or levels in video games.  So the concept of them are familiar to many of your students and staff members. I'm old enough that my teachers used stickers on charts or on your desk as rewards.  Not everyone is motivated to obtain these, until the social aspect comes in.  We are a competitive people by nature and for the most part want to be seen by our peers as being successful. This is where digital badges come in today.  

There many ways you can create them and here is a great list of resources to use:
as well as sound advice on how to get started. 

And as hot as is right now, you should know they have their own system of badges you can create and use. 

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