Final Friday

  If didn't happen already, it will soon enough for many of you; those two beautiful words educators love to hear - summer break. While my team and I aren't out yet, since this being the last official day for most of our students and teachers here in Brenham, this will be the last post of the 2017/2018 school year on this blog.
  No matter what role you have in education, you played some part in student growth this year.  Take time this summer to celebrate that, and to find what you can do to grow as well. If you come to this blog, then you are someone that is obviously a lifelong learner as we all should strive to be. So thank you!
We will be back in August to give you all the best and latest in educational technology we can find.    But in the meantime, may your summer be like this:

And go see Solo: A Star Wars Story. 😉😉