Tweet Out Thursday : Music Math and Kahoot Update

Welcome to Tweet Out Thursday!  It's a Two4One deal today.
First a shout out to @miss6thmath @brenhamMiddle for this creative play on musical chairs called Musical Math.

Students moved around the room until the room stopped, then completed the math problems that were at the desk they stopped at.  Then they would repeat the process several times until everyone had completed several math problems.   Simple, yet it totally had the students engaged, plus they loved listening to music.  
This could be adapted to most subjects not just math.  

Secondly, @GetKahoot announced some new features including the ability to upload a spreadsheet of questions to create your Kahoot games, as well as a Twitter chat next Monday. 

Join our Back to School #KahootChat next Monday at 7PM CT! 🎊 We'll be talking about icebreakers, tips & tricks, PD and more! 🙌 #BackToSchool