Fab Find Friday: Yo Teach! backchannel

Online backchannels are great tools to use when presenting or giving all of your students a chance to speak.  The #BISDWired team's favorite was TodaysMeet until that service ended.  A new free online backchannel, Yo Teach! - is now promoting itself as 

To get started, simply name your backchannel room and give it a description. 

Then click and check Avoid Search to keep outsiders from entering your backchannel room.  Also, click Enable Admin Features and then create a Room Entry Password so only your students or audience can enter.

The Admin Feature lets you mute or remove anyone from the room, as well letting you keep track of which guests have spoken in the backchannel and how often. 
As far as a being a participant in the backchannel, one feature that sets Yo Teach! above TodaysMeet is the ability to add images and even draw responses. 

Overall, Yo Teach! looks clean and easy to use. Give it a try.