Tweet Out Thursday: Classroom Review Competition and #AppleEvent

You don't always have to go digital to review for tests in your classroom.  And while teachers like Eddy Jezisek do use Chromebooks in many different types of instructional ways, sometimes it's you just have to have fun!
In Mr. J's class on test review days, a portable basketball game rolls in.  Students are divided into two teams and whichever team answers the question correctly, they then get to shoot for a goal.  The team with the most goals when the timer goes off wins.

If basketball isn't your style, then there's the velcro pitch board.  Same concept, just different ways of scoring.  
Winning teams get stickers that will be tallied at the end of the six weeks for various rewards.   Way to be creative @BrenhamJHS

Also the big news on Twitter yesterday was the annual #AppleEvent where of course the latest in iPhones (like the iPhone Xs Max)

and Apple Watches were announced. While we are not a Mac/Apple district, many of us still are iOS users on our personal devices.  If you are interested in their latest announcements you can check them out here. I for one would love the new Apple Watch 4  - so if you are reading this @Apple 😉😉