Fab Find Friday - Scrible

As many students at my campus are researching for Science Fair or History Fair projects, I came across this tool that could be extremely useful in that process (or any research at any grade).  Scrible Toolbar is a Chrome extension that lets you highlight, bookmark, and take notes on the various websites that will be used as sources in your research.  
At the bottom of the page, once you enable the Chrome extension, you'll see a toolbar.

This is where you turn on the 4 different color highlighters or comment sticky notes. On the right sidebar

you can comment, share, tag, and gives you citation information.  All this information is saved and can be accessed either automatically in the Scrible website 

or add the Scrible Writer Docs add-on and you will have that information on the right side of your Google Doc. 

Citations and bibliography can be inserted into your Doc via the add-on.  You will need to create a free educational account with Scrible, but this can be done through your Google account. 
Scrible has taken what other add-ons have offered for research but added more layers to it.  You and your students should give it a try.