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Must Know Monday - Technology Trends in the Classroom for 2019

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As this year winds down, it's ok to look ahead to what we might see in 2019.  Here are some of the classroom trends on their way:

Device Mesh 
  • refers to the way students access applications and information, moving beyond just smartphones but to wearables like smartwatches and sensor systems.  One side effect, however, is the security of data being accessed with such devices. 

Personal Learning  
  • combines face to face teaching and technology-assisted instruction giving students authentic personalized learning.

  • As we just finished the Hour of Code week, know that coding across subject areas will continue with some analysts predicting coding will become the new literacy. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • While this has been in the classroom for a while now, its use is still not common in most rooms.  Look for it to become a standard use in most subjects in classrooms across the curriculum. 

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