Web Tool Wednesday - Flipgrid Guest Mode & More

Guest Mode!
Now educators can involve families, community members, experts, and more by granting them special permission to specific Topics, without providing access to the other Topics in your Grid. From within your Educator Admin, simply activate Topic Guest Mode on any of your Topic settings!

Guests are granted access through a unique Guest Code. You decide whether guests have view-only or view & respond access. You can share the Guest Code with whoever you’d like and you can revoke access at any time by simply regenerating the Guest Code. If you don’t want to send out a code, have no fear, QR codes are here! Simply print and post for your guests to scan. When guests click to record in the Topic, they’ll be prompted to enter their First and Last Name (and, if you want, their email address) prior to recording. Then they’ll be launched into the same recorder your students know and love!

PLUS Flipgrid recently announced SEVEN updates based on ideas and feedback! Check them out.