Two for Tuesday: Actively Learn + Chunking

Actively Learn is a free online site with a library of thousands of texts and lessons that can be used by teachers and students. These lessons can be used in several different ways, including teacher-led small and whole group instruction, independent reading, and research projects.

Teachers can use pre-existing materials or upload their own. The pre-existing is geared towards grades 4-12, can be searched for my subject as well as TEKS.

Text appears on the left side of the student screen; text with embedded content is highlighted and the content appears on the right side of the screen. Actively Learn chunks text by breaking it up with embedded questions. Students cannot p
roceed until they answer the question.
Teachers can assign research projects using Actively Learn, as well. Students can work collaboratively to digitally highlight and annotate a text and then merge their notes into Google Docs. Students also have the option to import articles to keep track of their research.