Teaching Tip Tuesday - A Better Way to Have a Meeting

MEETINGS - no one really loves them, but they are a necessary part of what we do.  So how can we make them not feel like they are wasting our time, keeping us from completing our goals, and completely exhausting our brains? 
Research shows that are several ways to not only increase the likelihood that a decision can be reached but also speed them up. Here are a few suggestions you may want to offer or try the next time you are in a meeting:

  • Standing - Meetings, where people are forced to stand, prevents someone from feeling territorial, leads to more creative output, and keeps the meetings short. 
  • Allow Silent Work - Rather than talking over one another, brainstorming in silence generates more creativity. 
  • Limits - Smaller groups and set-time limits to meetings make those involved feel that they and their TIME are valuable. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has this rule: no meeting should be so large that two pizzas can’t feed the whole group.
  • Music - Use music to set the mood and tone of a meeting especially as people are entering.  It can also be used to pick people up throughout the meeting. 
If you are leading the meeting, and see yourself more like a host, then the other participants' engagement will be much higher.