Timezone Tuesday - Figure It Out Extension

Scattered across endless lands and open oceans, time zones are problematic.

Whether you are trying to contact someone overseas or teaching your students about international time zones, Figure It Out is there for you. 

 Available as either a Chrome extension or a web version, this is one of the easiest ways to compare where you are to other time zones.  Start by adding your location and then add locations from around the world to see how many hours behind or ahead of you they are. If you add a location that is earlier than your time, it is added to the left, while later locations are added to the right.  If a new location is also in a timezone that was already listed on your chart, then it will be added below the original. 

You can also change the time settings from 12-hour (AM/PM) to 24-hour clock style and date format as well as add an event  

It's simple, yet effective.