Web Tool Wednesday - Priority Page Coming to Google Drive

Google is launching a new Priority page in Drive as a new way to help you access the files you need through a combination of suggestions and workspaces. 

 Some features you’ll see on the Priority page include:
  • Priority: 
    • Here you’ll see the documents Google thinks are the most relevant to you right now. These machine-learning-powered suggestions are based on various signals from your activity. On each suggested document, you can also take actions in line, without navigating to the doc in question, like replying to a comment or reviewing recent edits.
  • Workspaces: 
    • In Workspaces, you’ll be able to see intelligent suggestions of related content to group together for easier access— like multiple files related to the same project. 
    • You can also create your own personalized Workspaces collecting any files you have access to, including content stored in your My Drive and various Team Drives. 
      • Right-click on any file and select Add to Workspace to dynamically group files as you work.
    Priority and Workspaces will begin to be rolled out in April.