Monday Motivation - Enjoy the Moment with pictures

Don't worry.  This isn't going to be some vague article filled with cliche's like seize the day or keep calm and carry on. No, this is about keeping a reminder through pictures.  Though it may not seem like it somedays, life does fly by.  So to help you capture those moments there are a few sites or apps that can help remind you to do just that. 

Ever works with both iOS and Android and not only stores photos, more importantly, but it will also send you several reminders from previous days in your history which is nice to get on those days that maybe stink otherwise.  Hey, we all have them.

For those of you that need reminders, Minutae is an app that reminds you to take a picture each day at random times. 

365Project is a free site for those really committed to taking a picture of each day of the year. 

If you wanted video instead of photos, try 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary which does what the name says.  

Regardless of which of these (if any) you use, try and capture the little things each day. It'll make you happier. As one of my favorite Western characters would say...
Image result for lonesome dove gus it's the little things in life