Motivational Monday - Getting Through the Last Few Weeks

Time is winding down for this school year. The long marathon takes it's toll and sometimes it's hard to finish strong when all you want to do is just finish.  Here are some tips to help you survive these final weeks:
  • Once the testing is done, get into a project you've wanted to do all year.  Do something hands-on and fun. They'll get into anything you're passionate about, and it will give you the energy to get through the days.
  • Don't abandon the structure you've used all year. Students need those routines to continue. 
  • Let your students have time to reflect on their school year, whether it is in writing, videoing, or drawing.  Have them to think about what they learned, how they dealt with challenges throughout the year, what they are proud of, how they changed, what advice they have for kids entering that grade next year. 
  • Give yourself time to reflect. Read all their reflections, and talk to the kids about what they've learned and how they have changed.  It's critical that you see how you changed, where you have grown, and what you learned.  We, of course, think of the student growth, but we must remember that we have hopefully grown as well. 
  • Be patient and empathetic. Sure there are those you won't mind seeing every day, but no matter the student, they need you.  Some of the students that drove me crazy in the classroom have found me years later to tell me how much they enjoyed my class.  They may not remember anything about what they learned, but they remember how they were treated. So try and enjoy the time with them that you have left and have some fun.