Web Tool Wednesday - Life360 and Find Your Friends (Two Apps We Use Daily)

Sometimes you just need to know where they are. Who you ask?  Well, that's up to you.  Here are two tools that can handle the job you need.

If you have teenagers that are driving, then I recommend Life360  as an option of keeping up with them. 
While I typically only endorse free apps, the paid version of Life360 is well worth the $7.99 a month.  However, you will still get some features such as location tracking with the free version.  
It works by syncing your family into a private, invite-only Circle.  Once anyone that you want to has joined, you then have Location Sharing that gives family members a view of each other’s recent and real-time whereabouts. If someone has been in a location for a while, it will even let you know how long they have been there.  I don't really like the Big Brother part, yet it is nice to be notified when my son comes and goes from your most frequented places like work, school, and home. You even get alerts if anyone's phone is running low on battery. One of the paid features that parents may like is the driving report. 
You can see their top speed, miles driven, and if they were on their phone while driving.  There is also a crash detection feature that will call the driver if an accident occurs while traveling faster than 25 miles an hour.  If the drive doesn't respond or is need of assistance, the company call an ambulance and notifies others in the private Circle. 

I'm not sure I would have liked this app when I was a teenager, but as a parent, it has made life a little easier. 

Life360 app is a great app, but if you are not ready for that app yet or do not want to pay just yet, then there is an alternative. 

from: itunes.apple.com

Find My Friends app was introduced to me by Mrs. Schulze. It is a FREE app that tracks the location of you and anybody you invite to track. This app works on Apple and Android phones. 

*The blue dot is my location, and the orange person is the location of my sister (or whoever you choose to track).

This is great if you want to know where your child, friend, sister, brother, cousin, or spouse is located. To add someone, you click the add button in the app. Then you invite them via text message. Once, they accept, then you can see their location AND they can see your location. Only the people that you invite or accept (an invite from) can see your location.

If you are going alone somewhere (like shopping or buying or selling on VarageSale), it is a great way to let another person know/track where you are going. It is also great for parents to know where their child is at when they are driving or just with friends that drive.