Tech Tip Tuesday: #eCubSafe Tip of the Week

Tech Tip Tuesday: #eCubSafe Tip of the Week
Topic: Whose profile is this, anyway?

Our #eCubSafe topic this week is SHARING digitally. The question we need to ask ourselves and our students is how we know what we think we know

There's a lot of personal information to be found on the internet, some of which can cause us to think things or make guesses that people that turn out not to be true. 
When we see people's posts, comments, and photos, we make guesses about them that aren't always correct, especially if we don't know them. That's because what we are seeing online is only part of who they are and what they care about. 

Image result for someone pretending to be someone else online

It could also be someone they're just pretending to be.