Must Know Monday - New Review Game - FLING THE TEACHER

No matter how liked a teacher you are, you are still the "teacher" thus students will enjoy flinging you.  No, not flipping you, but "flinging" you as in the new review game called Fling the Teacher
Think of it as a mix of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Angry Birds, and you sitting on a dunking booth. 
You create a review quiz with at least 15 questions and upload a picture of you or someone else that students can "fling."
As they answer each question, they are asked if that is the final answer before submitting it.  If they get it correct, then they continue on until they either get 15 in a row correct, or with one incorrect answer they must start over.  

There are three lifelines for each game (ask an expert, 50/50, and poll the audience). 

Once they have answered 15 in a row, they will then get 60 seconds to fling an image with your face into a hole as many times as they can. 

Fling the Teacher is another great product from