Tech Tip Tuesday: #eCubSafe - Don't Fall for Phishing

#eCubSafe - Be Internet Alert 
Don't Fall for Fake 

Remember when this was the only kind of fishing we knew?
Unfortunately, many of you have experienced the other kind - PHISHING -  you know the cyber attack kind disguised an email.  Whether it be a scam asking you to a request to your bank account so the Prince of some country can send you a check or an email that looks to be from someone you know, you've no doubt received hundreds of these, perhaps without knowing (especially if your SPAM filter is working overtime). 

The reason it's "phishing" is the message tries to masquerade as coming from a real contact in your email or from a legitimate company.  The two main goals of phishing are to get you to either :
  • hand over sensitive information 
  • download malware 

While it is often easier to spot the first type, the second often comes in with a more subtle way with the subject line and sender looking legit and only needs you to open it to wreak havoc.  So how do you know to be cautious?  Check the actual email address, not the contact name associated with it. 
Here are a few examples.  
Walmart Promos
Get $500 to Walmart this Halloween! 

FIT Card Offer
$400 Limit. Really. Act Today! 

Amaze your child with a letter from Santa 

Notice the email each is being sent from.  Actually all are from the same phishing spammer.   When you get these types of emails, send them to spam instead of just deleting them, thus preventing more from being sent to your inbox.