Tech Tip Thursday: How to Create Polls in Google Slides

Did you know you can create and run polls from your Google Slides?  By adding the Slido add-on inside of Slides, you'll be able to create polls without even leaving your presentation. 
Here's how:
1. Find Slido in the Slides Add-On.  Click to install. 

2. You can log in with your Google account to activate. 

3.  When you want to use, click the new Slido button at the top of your presentations. 
4. Chose the type of poll you want to use and type the question. 
5. It will direct your class to visit with a JOIN code. 

6. They will see the poll question which they can answer.  They also can send their own questions to the presenter. 
7. The teacher will see the results as they come in. 

For more information, check out these tips for Slido
Give it a try!