Tech Tip Tuesday : #eCubSafe - Image Ransom

#eCubSafe - Be Internet Alert 
Image Ransom

Students are told "Be careful who share your images with online" or "Don't share that kind of image with anyone", yet it still happens.  Unfortunately, an ugly trend is increasing where students are being extorted over images they have shared that they don't want others to see. 

Whether it be older predators or someone they know, students are being duped into sharing explicit photos or videos of themselves, which in turn are then used as blackmail for more imagery.  Sexual predators meet them online through multiplayer video games (ex: Fortnite, Roblox) and chat apps (ex: Instagram, Kik Messenger) and strike up a conversation with students, hoping to eventually gain their trust.  Other times, it's a boyfriend or girlfriend or some other person they know that talks them into sharing a revealing image or video.  
Then that person tries to "blackmail" the student into sending more or that image/video will be shared to the masses, thus "shaming" the student with image ransom.  
Students need to know that they can report those individuals for criminal activity and in case of an adult, as a felony.  While poor decision shouldn't be ignored, students need to know that if they are the victoms of these types of crimes, they need to report it to a trustworthy adult and not make matters worse by giving in any demands. 

You have 1 minute. Hurry up