Web Tool Wednesday: KitCodes - NEW from Gimkit

Gimkit has created something new called KitCodes.  They are the same as regular Gimkits, but with the idea students have to move around the classroom to shop. When students enter the shop, they won't be able to select which upgrade they want to purchase, or go into the powerup section. Instead they will be prompted to scan a KitCode getting your  students up and moving around the class!  So what's needed and how does it work?  Read on. 

Printable KitCodes

Click here to print KitCodes. You'll want to hang these around your classroom! Students will scan these codes in order to shop.

Requirements to play KitCodes:
KitCodes printed and hung around your classroom
Student devices can move around the classroom (laptops, tablets, phones)
Student devices have a camera. (It will be a little tricky with Chromebooks, but it can be done.)

How KitCodes Works

Students will travel across the classroom to find the KitCode for what they are shopping for. Once they do, they scan that code!

And then...boom! Student are taken to that part of the shop!

And that's it! With KitCodes being hung up around the class, the students have to get moving in order to shop. It's also really awesome to see which students are shopping for what in the middle of a game!

*I'd like to thank Albert Ulmer, History teacher at Brenham JH, for bringing KitCodes to my attention.