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Fab Find Friday: Google Updates

Have you tried the new Google updates? We showed our teachers the new tricks this past week. We think all teachers can learn a new tip from Google's latest updates.

What are the new updates?
*Images in the answer choices of Google Forms
*Parents can get updates from Google Classroom
*Teachers can add topics to posts

Check out our presentation on the new updates AND other cool tips/tricks!!

T-TESS Thursday: Power Zone

Our High School campus has been reading the book titled, The Fundamental Five by Sean Cain and Mike Laird. One point, the authors bring out is teachers are most effective in the Power Zone. The Power Zone is in close proximity to the students- in the middle of the students, beside the group of students, or working with an individual or two students. When teachers fail to be in the Power Zone, that is when administrators see disengagement or discipline issues. 

This got me thinking... In Dimension 3.2 (Managing Student Behavior), if teachers are in the Power Zone, then it should be more easy to reach the goal of "consistently monitor behavior subtly, reinforce positive behaviors appropriately and intercept misbehavior fluidly."

One thing is certain, if we are NOT in our work area, and

we are NOT in the front of the room the entire period,

then we may be able to catch some misbehavior before it happens!

Web Tool Wednesday: Google Docs Adds Columns

Finally!!!   Google Docs has included the ability to format columns.  
Up until now, the only way to add columns was to create a Table.  Now you simply click Format and choose Columns.

Under Columns, you can choose more options as well.

Then you number of columns, spacing and if you want a line between the columns.
Now for all those Microsoft Word holdouts, you have one more reason to use Google Docs instead. 

Twitter Challenge Tuesday: "Outside the Box"

Today we are having a Tuesday Twitter Challenge!  Hopefully, many of you have created a Twitter account for professional growth and are on your way to becoming a connected educator.  Plus, I hope that many of you have been tweeting out great things happening in your district!

Twitter Challenge Tuesday:
for this challenge, we would like you to create one tweet and use the hashtag #bisdconnect in your tweet/reply. Use the hashtag even if you aren't in Brenham ISD. We want to hear from all our educator friends!  So...

Q: How are you integrating/demonstrating “outside the box” instruction this week in your district?
-Create a tweet with your response, and make sure to use the hashtag #bisdconnect when you create the tweet. Use the hashtag even if you aren't in Brenham ISD. We want to hear from all our educator friends!

For Brenham ISD Educators:
**All names of educators from Brenham ISD that submit a response will be placed in a hat, and one winner will be drawn to receive a sweet treat from your Instructional Tech Team!

Twitter Chat Reminder:

Our Next Twitter Chat at #bisdconnect will be September 29th at 7:00 pm. CST.

Upcoming poster for #bisdconnect.png

Monday Reflections with Students: Javar Jackson

Freshman: Javar Jackson

What are you liking the most about BHS right now?
vending machines, getting to use phones with class work

What lesson have you enjoyed the most in your classes?
World Geography- memorizing the preamble

What technology tool do you most like using in class?

What is one thing that you appreciate when teachers do?
giving me an education

What are you looking forward to this school year?
to continue to play sports

Fab Find Friday - Campaign Comics

Web 2.0 tools sometimes come and go. Old one fall out of favor over the newest and latest.  Such is the nature of the society we live in.  But sometimes, some sites stay around and only get better with age - as is the case with Make Belief Comix. I've been using and recommending this site for years to the teachers I work with.  It's simple and fun format for students to create stories to be used in any subject area.  

Now the site offers comic templates for the election season. These can be used both in the website to create digital versions, or can be downloaded to make print copies if you prefer your students to hand write or draw the story.   Of course there are many other template topics to choose from as well. 

T-TESS Thursday: Posting Goals on Your Classroom Door

Posting T-TESS Goals

A few days ago, I saw a picture on Twitter that I thought was a great idea. Amy Snyder @SnySciCHS  (a chemistry teacher) had her goals posted on the outside of her door. She encouraged visitors to come inside, observe, and give feedback. I thought this was a wonderful idea and re-tweeted it. 

Why is this such an awesome idea? As educators, we can only get better by continuing to adapt and change our instruction to best fit what our students need. What better way to know which direction to go, then to ask for feedback from colleagues, visitors, administrators, and students. We can definitely improve our teaching and score higher on our TTESS evaluations if we are listening to feedback, and then using the feedback to improve instruction. Watch out accomplished and distinguished, here we come!

A few of my colleagues thought it was a great idea, too. Pretty soon, the idea got tossed out to make it happen in our district. We are getting our goals posted on our doors (see mine below). Hopefully, it will catch on throughout the district, and soon, we will have goals on every one's door encouraging feedback. Thank you, Amy, for inspiring us all!

Have you posted your goals on your door? We would love to see pictures of your goals posted outside your classroom in our comments below.