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Summer Sunday Shout-Out: One More PD Opportunity Before School Starts

Have you registered for Brenham U yet? Get in one more PD (professional development) before school starts. This is a huge professional growth opportunity coming up in Brenham, TX! This is open to all districts. Come to Brenham, and let's learn from each other. 

Here is the site link:

Registration is still open! Register for August 1-2.  

Great Keynote Speaker and plenty of excellent presentations during the two-day conference:

Brenham ISD presents Brenham U!

Brenham ISD is thrilled to present an exciting professional development opportunity for Brenham ISD and surrounding districts! This year's conference theme is "Redefining Possible." Are you ready to "Redefine" your possible?
Sessions will be presented by instructional specialists, technology specialists, content specialists, administrators, teachers, and more! Strands will include Instruction, Leadership, New Teacher, Technology, Safety & Behavior, and Policy & Procedures.

Visit our conference website here (check out the schedule of sessions).

Summer Saturday Snippet: How to Implement Everything You Learned This Summer

Q: How do I Implement Everything I Learned this Summer into this School Year?
A: You don't

I know some of you probably had to re-read that a couple of times. You were most likely thinking this lady is crazy. I bet you are thinking- I learned so many new tips and tricks this summer, and I am going to do it all this school year. My school year is going to be amazing. 
Maybe you want to try to do math warm-ups with GIFs this school year?
Maybe you want to re-arrange your library by genres this year?
Maybe you have a total new classroom management idea?
Maybe you have a new reward system to keep your students on task?
Maybe you are going to try out book snaps this year in your class readings?
Maybe you are going to try and spruce up your presentations with interactive Nearpod presentations?
Maybe you are going to make your learning more engaging with games in the classroom?
Maybe you are going to review with augmented reality?

Trust me, I feel the same way. I went to conferences over the summer, I read several books, and I read Twitter daily. I have discovered new ways to implement technology into the classroom, and I have learned about some pretty neat tools that will definitely rock a teacher's world. This happens every time I attend professional development. I have so many cool ideas floating in my head, and I am ready to conquer the world. I want to implement them ALL into the coming school year. It is actually pretty stressful because I am trying to remember everything I learned. Also, I am thinking how am I going to do all of this?

After talking to one of my all time mentors and my boss, her answer was simple and clear- You don't implement it all. You take one or two ideas, and you focus on those new ideas, and you implement it WELL. It is all about the quality and not the quantity. 

I want to change the world and try all these new ideas out, but I need to focus on doing these new ideas correctly. My advice to you is don't try and implement every single idea this coming school year. It is too stressful and time consuming to implement ALL ideas. Find the ones you really want to focus in on and do those WELL. You will be less stressed and more satisfied with your outcome.

My tips:
1. Write down everything you learned that you want to someday implement or try (I prefer writing this in a Google Doc or Google Keep, so I know it will never get deleted. However, my sister reminded me the other day that not everyone enjoys digital like me, and sometimes old school writing a list with a pen and paper is the way to go).
2. Highlight the one or two ideas you want to try. Maybe it is a new seating arrangement each six weeks, maybe it is a new turn in assignments idea, or maybe it is a new online journal idea?
3. Figure out a schedule. Do you want this to be implemented over the whole school year? Do you want one idea to be focused in the fall and one idea to be focused in the spring? Do you want each grading period to be a new way?
4. Plan out how you want this idea to work. What is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish?
5. Do it! Oh, and do it WELL (don't half-way do it; put 100% into making it work).

*The best part is after this school year, I can go back to my original list on my Google Doc or Google Keep and I can pick another idea to try out next school year. 

*Disclaimer- If you do well with implementing something and don't feel stressed, then go ahead and try one more new idea the next six weeks or grading period or semester. The important thing is not to stress yourself out with trying a whole bunch of new ideas at once. You want it to be beneficial to your students. If it is beneficial to your students, keep on trucking! 

Summer Sunday Shout-Out: Google Forms Keep Getting Better

Google Form Update

The great thing about Google is that it keeps getting better. Google listens to feedback, and they improve their products over and over. At #ISTE17, I stopped by the Google booth to learn about the new Google Form update. When you are using a Google Form as an assessment, you now have a new way to grade the responses.
Under responses, you have a summary option, a QUESTION option, and an individual option. You can still look at the summary of responses and individual responses, but now you can grade by each question.
Look below at how you can grade each question and all the responses to that question together. This will be very convenient and easier when grading short answer.

Just a reminder that Google Forms can be used in multiple ways--
*Exit tickets
*Bell Ringers
*Informal and Formal Assessments
*Permission Slips
and MORE

Summer Saturday Snippet: Google Drive App Can Even Back Up Your Phone Info

Google Drive App Backs Up
Have you ever looked under your settings in your Google Drive app? If you have not, then you should. Under the settings, you have options to backup your contacts, photos, and calendars. This is GREAT. Now, if your phone gets stolen or damaged, then your information will all be backed up on your Drive.

How to backup is easy!
1. Click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner. Then click "Settings" in the options to the left.

2. Under settings, click on "backup" towards the bottom.

3. Choose what you would like to backup and click start backup.

Summer Saturday Snippet: Insert Equations in Your Google Doc

Inserting Equations Into Your Google Doc is Easy as 1-2-3
Math and science teachers, how many times have you wondered how to get an equation into your docs? Or, have your students ever asked about it? Simply, go to Insert- Equations, and you will find all the equations at your fingertips to insert into your Google Doc.
Thank you, Google!

Summer Sunday Shout-Out: Team Drives or What?

Summer Saturday Snippet: Turn Your Doc Into a Form

Turn Your Google Document Into a Google Form
Do you have Google Docs in your Drive that are quizzes or tests for your students? Or, do you have some old tests that you had in a Word Document that you copied and pasted into a Google Doc? Do you want to get those documents into forms? Then install the add-on, Doc to Form
Remember, that this is an add-on, so you must open your Google Doc first. Then click "Add-ons" and click "Get add-ons" button. Once you add it, then it will always be under your Add-Ons. 

Using the Add-On is Simple
1. Click "Add-ons" and click "Create Form From Doc"
2. A side bar will pop up on the right side. 
3. Highlight the first question on the Google Doc.
4. Then click "use selected text" and check which type of question type it is. If it is multiple choice or checkbox, then you can copy and paste answer choices in the text box. 
5. Keep adding questions until you are finished, and then click "create form" and "view form" button.

Take Your Doc to Form