T-TESS Thursday: Moving From Proficient To Accomplished (Parts 12 & 13)

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What are your T-TESS observers looking for when they walk into your classroom. This is a multi-video insight from their perspective.  Great for any district utilizing the T-TESS Appraisal System.

Knowing what an appraiser is looking for when they enter your class is beneficial to all educators.  Here are parts 12 and 13 of our T-TESS Appraiser interviews. Parts 7 through 17 will be interviews with all of our Assistant Principals in Brenham ISD. They are focusing on this question:

"What is one dimension the teachers commonly score proficient on that could easily be improved upon to move them to accomplished?"

Your T-TESS Observer Insight Part 12
(Mr. Shields: Assistant Principal, Krause Elementary School)

Your T-TESS Observer Insight Part 13
(Mr. Still: Assistant Principal, Brenham High School)

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