Tech Tip Thursday: Shared Drive Theme Templates (FREE To Use!)

Shared Drive Theme Templates

I've always been able to edit the headers and themes for Google Sites, Forms, Keep, Slides, Classroom, and more.  However, I couldn't ever figure out how to correctly change out the folder themes (headers) in a Google Shared Drive, until now.  

Wanting to keep up with the organization of my Google Drive, I wanted to create custom made themes for my Shared Drive Folders.  I was finally able to find the minimum theme size by trying to change one of my themes the other day:

With the exact pixel dimensions, I was able to open a Google Drawing, and change the page size:

Google Drawing > File > Page setup > Switch the units to pixels (1280 x 144px)

After I knew the exact dimensions, I created a "splatter page" to find out exactly where the edges of my themed picture would end up... (knowing that the whole entire 1280 x 144 image wasn't going to show up in my Google Drive Shared Folder theme.)

I downloaded the "rough draft" of my Google Drawing as a PNG over 7 different times to get the placement just right. (Results will vary based on screen resolution... but I was able to make it perfect for my work computer).

To change out the Google Drive Shared Folder Theme:

  • Open up Google Drive
  • Click on Shared Drives (Formally Team Drives)
  • Right-click on a Shared Drive, and click: change theme
    • For this purpose, you will choose: create custom theme
    • NOTE:  Make sure that you have already downloaded and then uploaded your custom image to your Google Drive as a jpeg or png (You will choose the image from within your Google Drive)
  • Select the image from your Google Drive, and when it asks you to crop your image... don't change it, just click select again.  

I downloaded it, uploaded to my Shared Drive Custom Theme, checked it, resized the drawing, and downloaded again.  Repeated this process 7 different times.  (You won't/shouldn't have to do this, since it's pretty much perfectly set now in both my templates)

Now that it was perfect, I knew I wanted to make MANY of these, and I wanted them to be set-up the same.  So, I created a Google Slide Presentation with the same page size (1280 x 144 px).  Duplicated the slide multiple times, and changed each slide to correspond to each of my shared drive folders. 

Above is my final product (Google Drawing).  It shows that the actual area to work in is much smaller than the 1280 x 144 px image of the full page area.  So, when you change out and create your custom Shared Drive Folders using this template... stay in the middle, yellow area with your image and text.  Adjust size, if needed, based of the resolution of your computer and/or monitor.  



  1. This is a big time saver. Thanks Tom!

  2. I am so excited to try this! One question, after you place your image in the yellow box how do you convert the file to png or jpg to then be uploaded as a "custom theme". Thanks for the tip and template!

    1. After adding your own image into the yellow box... Go to "File", "Download", and choose your option of a PNG or JPEG. Hope this helps. :)

    2. Perfect! Thanks again for such a great tip!


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