Tech Tip Thursday: Easy Labels with Google Sheets + Google Docs and Avery Label Merge Add-on! #GAFE #BISDconnect

Thank you, Emily Henkhaus, for this great question last week!
What is the best way to create and print labels using Google Apps?
Step 1: Create a Google Sheet with your desired addresses.

Step 2: Open a new Google Doc and go to Add-ons > Avery Label Merge > New Merge. Note: If you do not have this add-on, go to Get add-ons to install it first!

Step 3: Select the product you will be creating. You will be prompted to select the exact product after you click “Address Labels” or “Name Badges” on this screen.

Step 4: Select the Google Sheet with you desired addresses.

Step 5: Follow the directions to insert the fields in the box.

Step 6: Click open to view and print your new document with merged information and formatting for your chosen Avery product!


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  2. Mentioned Google sheet addon is really helpful for me I am a regular user of google sheet and docs. This add on to add labels will help me alot and reduce my efforts.


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