Cyber Safety: Google turns 13!

Google turns 13 years old this week!  This company has always tried to be a friendly interface to the internet and has incorporated many products.  The Google Family Safety Center is a terrific place to find safety tips for use with Google searching and other Google tools.

The Google Family Safety Center contains Google Safety Tools, How to Report Abuse, Advice from Partners, and Video Tips from Google Parents.  Google SafeSearch is a filtering tool built into Google.  It is by default set to moderate filtering, but you can set it to a more strict setting.  While no filter is 100% perfect, you will limit sexually explicit content during your students' searches in a home setting.  Of course at school, we have a CIPA compliant filter already in place.  Here is how to set SafeSearch in Google:

1.  Open the internet and go to
2.  Click on the gear icon on the upper right of the window, then select "search settings"
3.  Change the SafeSearch settings and lock the settings for Firefox.  Repeat with your other browsers - Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.