Tech Tip: Don't neglect your downloads folder!

Have you checked your downloads folder lately?  Did you know that every time you open a file in Firefox or Safari to preview it, it gets saved in your downloads folder?

Mac users: Open your HD > click on your username (look for little house icon next to brenhamisd) > click on downloads folder.

PC users: To locate the downloads folder in Windows 7 for PC...  Click the "libraries" icon.  Then, look to the left and find the downloads folder.

Do you see dozens of documents that you no longer need or have already saved to a different location?  If so, move them to the trash to keep that folder nice and clean.

Remember, unnecessary clutter on your computer can result in your machine running slow, applications not working properly and can even crash your computer!  Take this opportunity to clean up your files and folders on your desktop, too.  A clean computer is a happy computer!

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact your Instructional Technologist.  We are more than happy to sit down with you one-on-one.  Check back next week to see how you can change the destination for your Internet downloads!

Please keep in mind, too, that you have signed an Acceptable Use Policy for BISD.  Unauthorized downloading of software, educational or not, is a violation of this AUP and can put you and your computer at risk!