Tech Star: Brian Thiebaud, BHS

Coach Brian Thiebaud
Want to learn some geography and have fun, too?  Travel to Coach Thiebaud's classroom!  Coach Thiebaud uses different technology applications to teach World Geography including Google Earth and Excel.  He created an Excel template with boxes to indicate different landforms.  Students used image sites to find and download an example photo of each landform.  Students practiced the technology skills of downloading, resizing, and placement of images in a document.  Many of the students had never heard of the landform called a "Sound." The old saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and with Coach Thiebaud's simple, yet excellent activity, students were able to learn from images.  Students also mapped their route from school to home on Google Earth and recorded turn by turn directions.  He has plans to use the computer lab and iPad through out the school year.

Thank you, Coach Thiebaud, for making learning fun and relevant to students lives' using technology!


  1. How neat! The kids love google. They should be highly engaged with this activity!

  2. Google Earth is an awesome tool, as it allows students the opportunity to view places they may never see in person.


  3. Congratulations! My CSI students love Google Earth, too!


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