Tech Star: Kaci Murphy, BES

Some teachers don't know where to start when it comes to the netbook carts, but Kaci Murphy, third grade teacher at BES, is NOT one of those people!  Kaci has been a regular netbook cart user since BES first received it and she has never been afraid to try out new sites and online activities with her students.  Most recently, she found online flashcards on Study Stack for the story her class is currently reading.  We posted a link to the flashcards and her students were off to the races!  Hats off to you, Mrs. Murphy, for demonstrating that the netbook cart can be easily integrated into everyday classroom lessons!!

Are you interested in learning more about the netbook cart on your campus?  Ask your Instructional Technologist for more ideas on how you can use this awesome tool with your own class!


  1. Way to go, Mrs. Murphy! I know your students love working with the netbooks! Keep up the good work!


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