Web 2.0: Splat Square

Although it is a simple concept, Splat Square is sure to WOW your students and bring your SMART board to life! Splat Square is a 100 number chart that "splats" when you click/touch a square (there's even a cool "splat" sound effect!).  You can change the color of the "splat" (there are 7 colors to choose from) and even print it out.  This interactive grid has many classroom applications...

  • count by 2s, 5s, 10s using different color splats
  • color code odd and even numbers
  • practice money skills - count/splat by nickels, dimes and quarters
  • play a team game by marking factors/multiples of a chosen number
  • make picture puzzles with clues that equal a number that the students "splat" - all of the splats reveal a design
  • roll dice to "race to 100" (guess the number before you roll and move an extra space!)
  • use as a behavior incentive (splat for good behavior/compliments - get a row, get a reward...could even color code for teams or boys vs girls)
Let us know how YOU could use Splat Square in the classroom!

Link to Splat Square: https://primarygames.co.uk/pg2/splat/splatsq100.html