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Thanks to yesterday's Tech Star, Memory Anderson, for introducing us to Class Dojo - an easy way to track classroom management. Right now Class Dojo is still in Beta which means a couple of things: all the bugs may not be worked out and once they do work all the bugs out, they may start charging you to use it. For now it works just fine for positive reinforcement in Mrs. Anderson's class.
Set up for Class Dojo is fast and easy:
1) Register for an account.
2) Create a class. (They have a video tutorial to help you.)
3) Add the behaviors you want to track and this can include positive as well as negative behaviors.
4) Start using it! If you a assign a positive award, you hear a pleasant chime and a green badge appears on the student’s icon. If it’s a negative award, you hear a buzzer sound and a red badge appears. You do not have to project the names on the board; you can can still use Class Dojo to track student behavior without putting it up for the world to see and hear. To get the app on your phone, check the Class Dojo website.
5) When class is over, you can print a chart showing who earned what awards. Individual student reports are also available for you to print or save as a PDF to send to parents.


  1. Hi Ann, Jessica, and Kim - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thanks so much for the blog post!!

    Don't worry, even when we get out of beta our goal is to remain completely free for teachers (we're former teachers and know how underpaid and over-worked teachers are!)

    Thanks again! Let us know if you ever have any questions or suggestions on how we can make ClassDojo better for you :)



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