Tech Star: Memory Anderson (AES)

Memory Anderson is this week's Tech Star, and this is a long post because she is doing so many cool things using technology in the classroom that we just had to share a few of them with you. Memory is new to Brenham ISD this year, but she's an experienced and creative teacher who has exceptional classroom management skills. To help her First Graders make good choices, Memory uses Class Dojo, online software that allows for real-time behavior management. All students' names are projected on the board and they receive an "award" for staying on task or making good decisions. With the Class Dojo app on her phone, Mrs. Anderson can easily add an award next to a student's name from any where in the classroom. Students with the most awards get their names entered in a drawing for a prize from the treasure box at the end of the week. Another helpful site that Memory uses is Classroom Freebies, a blog that offers free resources for K-5 teachers every day. Since she follows so many educational blogs, Memory has started using Google Reader to simplify her blog reading. Another good example of Memory's effective use of technology in the classroom is how she uses her SMARTBoard. She has used her creative talents to make fun Notebook lessons that her students love as they learn their basic skills. Thank you, Mrs. Anderson, for sharing Class Dojo and Classroom Freebies with us. We appreciate all your innovative uses of technology to help you and your students in the classroom! You are a real Tech Star!