Tech Star: Rex Threatt (BMS)

If you know Rex Threatt, you know that he's a pretty tech savvy guy.  Rex is a 5th grade science teacher at BMS who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to figure out a new techno tool for his students.  Last year, he piloted an online testing program using Eduphoria's Aware.  The test program was so successful that the 5th grade science department went all in this year.  Now, all major tests in 5th grade science are delivered online via Eduphoria.  The students come to the lab, login, and take the tests on the computers.  The tests have animations, science graphics, diagrams and tables to support the questions.  There is only one question per screen and the students can advance and go back as many times as they need in order to be successful.  Students enjoy testing online, teachers enjoy the data that is automatically generated by Aware, and principals enjoy the reduction in paper waste!  It's a win win win!  Thank you, Rex, for staying current and finding ways to better reach our digital natives!  Stay tuned for more on this topic - special training may be coming to your campus!