Tech Star: Casey Macat (BES)

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We are thrilled that the idea of online testing via Eduphoria is catching on and we were over-the-moon when Casey Macat, third grade teacher at BES, approached Nancy Oertli about using this system for the third grade science benchmark!  With Nancy's help, Casey and her third grade team were able to enter the benchmark test into Eduphoria and administer the test in the BES computer labs without using ANY PAPER AT ALL!  (Administrators, don't you just love that?!)  Way to go, Casey and the BES third grade team, for using district online resources to save district material resources!  A big thank you to Nancy Oertli and the BES Computer Lab Aides, Mary Janet Reyes and Gilda Sager, for helping us pull this off!

If YOU are interested in using online testing with your class, ask your Instructional Technologist for more information!

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