Tech Stars: Stacy May & Jodie Koehl (AES)

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Stacy May & Jodie Koehl
Alton teachers Stacy May and Jodie Koehl are having fun with their 4th graders as they plan a "Virtual Vacation." This Project Based Lesson includes as many cross-curricular activities as these two talented teachers can think of. They admit that teaching this way is not their first nature, but they understand the value of Project Based Learning and are willing to invest the extra effort to help their students be successful. To make Texas History meaningful and exciting, their students picked a Texas city that they would like to visit some day. They researched the location of their city, its history, available lodging, and points of interest using Google Maps, Wikipedia, and other websites. Then using their nice cursive handwriting, they practiced the different types of writing that 4th graders are required to know. They also had to complete a "Total Cost Worksheet" and students were surprised to find out how much a vacation can cost! The teachers provided checklists so that the students would know if they had satisfied all the requirements of the project which included TEKS from Social Studies, Math, Writing, Reading, and Technology Applications. The students had a blast with this project and looked forward to Fridays when they could plan their Virtual Vacation. Congratulations, Ms. May and Mrs. Koehl for being this week's Tech Stars!

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