Wednesday Web: CNN Covers Pinterest

Have you ever been under the Pinfluence? Have you spent hours on Pinterest? How many times have I heard people say, "I'm addicted to Pinterest!" CNN did an article on the success of Pinterest last week, and although the article does not address the usefulness of Pinterest in education, it does a good job of explaining why people love it so much.

Pinterest is a "by-invitation" website that offers an intuitive and appealing way to visually organize content. If you've had a hard time in the past organizing your bookmarks, Pinterest is a simple, free and fun solution. There is an entire section devoted to Education and likely you will find a teacher who has a board or two with perfect resources for you to use in your classroom. They've already done the searching - and pinning - for you!
If you don't have a Pinterest account, click here to request an invitation:

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