Cyber Safety: Who's Watching You Search - Part 2

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Last week I posted a cyber safety article explaining how websites like Google log search files from your computer.  The example showed a search log with an IP address.  As of March 1, 2012, Google is combining the search logs for many of it's products including Internet searches and YouTube searches.

What does that mean to YOU?  It means that if you use Google products and are logged in, not only does the search log the IP address, it also ties the information to your account.  Why you ask?  To tailor advertising to your interests or suggest content related to your accounts.  For example, a person in your GMail address list posts a video on YouTube.  When you open YouTube, one of the suggested videos will be from that person.

What accounts are connected?  See your full Google Profile on the Google Dashboard.

Other Google Privacy Tools can be found at the Google Privacy Center.

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