Tech Star: Gay Bell (AES)

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Learning vocabulary words can be fun!
Gay Bell, second grade teacher at Alton, is always willing to embrace any new technology that comes her way. Her students are happy when they use the SMART Board during reading time because Mrs. Bell has all sorts of interactive and fun things for them to do including lots of games that reinforce their reading skills. She has gone a step farther and found audio files for every story in their reading book on the publisher's website. She downloads these files and lets her students use iPod shuffles to listen to their stories. This gives them good practice since they can re-read (and re-listen to) the story as many times as they like. Also, Mrs. Bell is helping her campus by serving on the Alton iPad implementation committee, helping set policy, select apps, and develop a plan for successful deployment of the campus' 30 student iPads. Thank you, Mrs. Bell, for embracing technology. You make learning fun!

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