Cyber Safety: Don't Let It Blow Away

Reflecting on the tornadoes that blew through Dallas this week, today's article will have less to do with "Cyber Safety" and more to do with document safety.

If a tornado blows through your home, where will your important documents be?  On paper? In a laptop?  Both would be destroyed.  Before a crisis happens to you, take the time to back up important digital documents and digitize paper documents.

Web Storage for Documents
There are many great "Cloud" solutions for digital storage.  The two most popular are and Dropbox.  Which one should you choose?  Here is a chart comparing advantages of the two:
Image Courtesy of

Read the full article about these two storage solutions here.

Password Protect before Storing Online
If you are concerned about the security of web storage, password protect any word document following these instructions:

Word 2010 (Image Courtesy of

Word 2003 (Image Courtesy of
With the document open, click "Tools" and "Options"

Don't let a crisis take you by surprise.  Back up your data on a regular basis.