Tech Star: Diane Caudill (BHS)

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Collaboration and staying current are what keeps this week's Tech Star, Diane Caudill, learning new technology.  Mrs. Caudill manages the "Brenham High School Literary Review"blog.
"See what your friends are reading, and add your own comments." -Mrs. Caudill
Students, as well as Mrs. Caudill, submit book reviews and comment on the reviews of others.  Forty-eight reviews have been submitted this school year. Guest Reviewers "Rawr" and "Volleyball Girl" have written enticing reviews that encourage reading.  How exciting for a student to see her writing and opinion published on the web. While visiting the blog, check out the digital book trailers on the side bar.  Mrs. Caudill adds QR codes for mobile devices to access the trailers.  The Literary Review Blog supports the goals of collaboration between students and connecting the course content to student lives.  Excellent job, Mrs. Caudill!

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