Cyber Safety: Sweet Summer Time

Going to the beach or amusement park this summer?  Use good cyber safety with your phone or tablet devices.

  • Put a "lock" code on your phone.
  • If possible, create a "locked" screen with an image that gives your emergency contact information.  So, if you are unconscious and someone looks at your phone, the image will say "In case of emergency, call 123-4567."
  • Talking on the phone in public?  Be careful not to say private information such as where you live.  You home will be vacant!
  • Use parental controls on your smart phone.  A bored child using your phone while standing in a long amusement park ride line can rack up LOTS of data usage.
  • Have fun, but don't let your guard down.  Cyber criminals want to catch you unaware.
Have a safe and happy summer!