Tech Star: Michelle Schlottmann, AES

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Michelle Schlottmann in her Pre-K Classroom at Alton
Michelle Schlottmann, Pre-K teacher at Alton, is this week’s Tech Star, in part because she uses lots of technology in her classroom, but also because she serves on Alton’s iPad committee, AND she excels at problem-solving when it comes to technology challenges. She always uses her good Google skills when she has a question about anything technology-related, and she usually solves the problem on her own. Michelle has graduated from her DIY SMARTBoard (which was a cookie sheet with magnets for students to manipulate) to a real SMARTBoard that she uses daily. Her students also use computers as well as iPads and iPods on a regular basis. Thank you, Michelle, for being a leader with technology and congratulations for being this week’s Tech Star!

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